This Digital Wireless System features a 5.6 inch Colour Digital LCD Panel Monitor and Heavy Duty camera.  The digitally coded wireless signal prevents interference and allows this monitor to synchronise with multiple cameras.

This system is particularly beneficial for customers with articulate vehicles, applications where the camera is on a moving part of the vehicle or where cable running an AV lead is particularly difficult.

* Please Note; Digital Wireless Systems generally will work very reliably over short distances (up to 8M) but even then the location of camera and the nature of the load can effect performance. Therefore some care must be taken in positioning the monitor and camera. If necessary a separate Camera Transmitter and/ or a Monitor receiver can be used to position the components in the optimum location.


  • 5.6 inch Colour Digital wide-screen Monitor
  • Built in Digital Wireless Receiver
  • Choice of 2 mounting fixtures:  Pedestal and U-bracket
  • Trigger wires for auto switching of individual cameras
  • Picture adjustable in horizontal, vertical and mirror view
  • Adjustable reversing grid
  • Auto diming of monitor when dark
  • Remote control
  • CE, ROHS approved



  • 1/3″ SHARP CCD Chip set – 120 degree viewing angle
  • Integrated Waterproof Microphone
  • Switchable between Mirror/ Normal image
  • Auto switches to black and white mode under very low light conditions
  • 18 X Infra-red LEDs – illuminating 12-15 metres
  • LEDs switch on automatically under low light conditions
  • Waterproof to IP 67
  • All materials and PCB production conform to RoHs standard. CE approved
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