The DVR-800 HDD is designed for applications requiring 4 to 16 cameras and required to store more than 1 week’s video footage on the device. The length of time video is stored for is determined by the number of cameras, resolution, frame rate and capacity of the storage device – in a typical application 2-3 weeks of video files will be stored on the device.

This DVR can be located in a secure location where it can not be tampered with and AV leads run from the DVR around the vehicle to where ever the cameras and monitors are located – allowing for optimal positioning of the individual components. The HDD/ SDD is locked into the device.

This DVR is available with 3-G an wireless upgrade modules for “wireless” system diagnostics, live-view video streaming and file download from anywhere in the world


    • HDD Storage Medium Memory (1 Terabyte GBytes max- 500Gbyte normally recommended), Option SSD drive
    • Records 4 x Audio-Video Channels – expandable to 16 channels with expansion modules
    • Video Resolution D1, HD1, CIF with configurable frame rate
    • Video watermarked with time and date, and vehicle ID
    • GPS option records vehicle position, speed and route with video
    • in-built 3-axis g sensor detects high g events
    • H.264 Video Compression
    • Overwrites oldest video files automatically when memory is full
    • Auto switch to SD Card memory back up if the HDD fails
    • Audio-Video output allows the DVR to be integrated with a monitor and provide 360 degree vision capability
    • Alarm inputs allow alarm files to be recorded and/or control which camera is displayed on the Audio-Video Output
    • Password protection on menus to prevent unauthorised changes
    • Type Approved and RoHS certified
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