IP Camera at Night
This IP WDR cameras provides the best quality images under all light conditions. They offer a notable improvement over standard cameras at night and, during daylight, deal much more effectively with the contrast between areas of bright sunlight and shadow.
The FC-1080A-IP-WDR-A is specifically designed for mounting in the cab and recording the drivers view of what is occurring in front of the vehicle.
Chip Set Specification
Effective Pixel Array:                                          1980(V) x 1080 (H)
Resolution at Best Recording Setting:            Excellent
Daylight Colour Reproduction:                        Excellent
Low Light Colour Reproduction:                     Excellent
Bright Sun Light Performance:                        Excellent
Viewing Angle:                                                     60 -170 degrees (diagonal)
Operational Temperature                                  -20 deg C to +70 deg C,  RH 95% Max
Storage Temperature                                          -30 deg C to +85  deg C, RH 95% Max