IP Camera at Night
This IP WDR cameras provides the best quality images under all light conditions. They offer a notable improvement over standard cameras at night and, during daylight, deal much more effectively with the contrast between areas of bright sunlight and shadow. If you are in the need for a wide angle, high quality camera for your fleet then the FC-1080A-IP-WDR camera might be exactly what you are looking for.
The FC-1080A-IP-WDR-A is specifically designed for mounting in the cab and recording the drivers view of what is occurring in front of the vehicle.
Chip Set Specification
Effective Pixel Array:                                          1980(V) x 1080 (H)
Resolution at Best Recording Setting:            Excellent
Daylight Colour Reproduction:                        Excellent
Low Light Colour Reproduction:                     Excellent
Bright Sun Light Performance:                        Excellent
Viewing Angle:                                                     60 -170 degrees (diagonal)
Operational Temperature                                  -20 deg C to +70 deg C,  RH 95% Max
Storage Temperature                                          -30 deg C to +85  deg C, RH 95% Max