This camera is specifically designed for vehicles providing a home delivery or high street delivery service, and for any vehicle where the operator needs good illumination to work safely around the vehicle at night..
The camera integrates 6 x CREE White LED’s providing 9000 lumen which can be activated by a switch for manual operation and can be connected to the reverse light circuit to provide maximum visibility when reversing.

As an additional safety feature the camera also integrates high level brake lights. However, if the camera is fitted on the side of the vehicle (for example as part of 360 vision system or just to monitor a side door), amber lenses can be fitted and interfaced with hazard flashers.

So if you work with delivery or high street delivery vehicles and are looking for a new way to shed some light on your surroundings, the HDC-6000 Intergrated Camera and Worklight could be exactly what you are looking for.

The HDC-6000 can be ordered with either a 600TVL CCD Camera or a 720P AHD Camera and although designed for use with Vision Monitors and DVR Systems, can be connected to most alternative systems.
As standard the camera is supplied with 150 degree viewing angle but camera lenses are available to suit different requirements.

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