This Wireless Monitor features our latest generation 5.6 inch Colour Digital LCD Panel and sets the highest standard in picture quality.

Includes built in speaker, snap on sun visor, choice of mounting fixtures and remote control.

Utilising Analogue Wireless Technology which is relatively low cost and reliable for short transmitting distances. Can be used with 4 different cameras

Suitable for all vehicles and mobile plant 12-24 volt application.


  • 5.6 inch Colour Digital wide-screen Monitor
  • Built in Analogue Wireless Receiver
  • Choice of 2 mounting fixtures: Pedestal and U-bracket
  • Trigger wires for auto switching of individual cameras
  • Picture adjustable in horizontal, vertical and mirror view
  • Adjustable reversing grid
  • Auto diming of monitor when dark
  • Remote control
  • CE, ROHS approved