This Professional 7” Monitor features a high resolution super bright (450 cd/m2) TFT LCD panel.  This monitor boasts a highly efficient housing design that provides for very slim and compact monitor

Also features built in speaker; clip on sun visor; pedestal mount and remote control.

Suitable for all vehicles and mobile plant 12-24 volt application.


  • 7.0 inch Colour Digital wide-screen Monitor
  • Slim-line soft touch casing
  • Pedestal mount
  • Trigger wires for auto switching of  individual cameras
  • Selectable Reversing Grid
  • Picture adjustable in horizontal, vertical and mirror orientations
  • Clip on sun visor
  • Remote control
  • Type Approved and RoHS certified
  • Available with Waterproof or Slim line AV connectors on monitor harness
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