The DVR-720i and 1080i products as supplied with a license for our Viewer and Playback software that allows the user to view, back-up and save video files in a “public” video format for general distribution.

In most case the user will retrieve and review video by the removing Hard Drive (HDD or SSD) from the DVR and connecting this to a computer on which the Viewer Software is installed.

To facilitate this process, the Hard Drive is located in a removable cassette that can be taken off the vehicle in seconds (secured and released by key lock). Watermarking of the vehicle registration number follows the device so it does not matter which Hard Drive has been installed into the DVR, the recorded footage always has correct vehicle registration number.

The DVR also includes a backup SD card so should the Hard Drive fail (or not be fitted) footage will still be recorded to the SD card. The Video footage on the SD Card can be read in the same way as a Hard Drive on the Viewer Software

Because the drive is directly connected to a PC – and large video files do not need to be moved around a network – the recorded video footage can be reviewed quickly a trained resource who can quickly search through weeks of footage to find a specific incident or time period of interest, archive the appropriate footage and create a file in a “public” video format.

Along with Video the recorded data includes vehicle location, speed, g-forces and alarm activation’s all of which are time synchronized with the video playback