360 Degree Vision System for Artics

Articulated vehicles are quite difficult to survey thanks to their large size and general ways in which the vehicles rest. Their articulated nature make them quite vulnerable as if they are parked at an obstructive angle, there are many blindspots. That’s what the 360 Degree Vision System For Artics aims to avoid.

This system continually records 360 degrees around the vehicle and provides the driver with addition visual assistance when manoeuvring the vehicle. Across numerous operators this system has been proven to save money by reducing accident claims against the operator and by reducing the number of accidents.

The system consists of a 7″ Monitor (5.6″ and 9″ are options) Reverse Cameras, Side Cameras, Front Camera, HDD Digital Video Recorder and incorporates a Wireless Microwave Link to connect wirelessly with a camera on the trailer.

If you are aiming to cover all angles of your fleet of articulated vehicles, the 360 Degree Vision System For Artics is the perfect choice which is able to help with the surveillance and monitoring of larger vehicles in your fleet, vehicles such as articulated ones.