FORS GOLD for Artics

The Vision Gold level system exceeds the demands of the FORS Gold Level scheme, CLOCS and Crossrail accreditation

This system is aimed at those operators who want to demonstrate the commitment to safety culture and who want to save costs by reducing accident related costs (insured and uninsured), and reducing the number of accidents.

This system continually records 360 degrees around the vehicle and provides the driver with addition visual and audible assistance when manoeuvring the vehicle. Across numerous operators this system has been proven to save money by reducing accident claims against the operator and by reducing the number of accidents.

The system integrates a 360 degree recording system consisting of a 7″ Monitor (5.6″ and 9″ are options) Reverse Camera, Side Camera, Front Camera, Digital Video Recorder with a step area close proximity detection system that includes an external Talking “VEHICLE TURNING LEFT” Alarm and Multi-Frequency Reversing Alarm. In additions this system incorporates a Wireless Microwave Link to connect wirelessly with a camera on the trailer