FORS / CLOCS Gold Level CCTV System

FORS / CLOCS Gold Level CCTV System

The Vision Gold level system exceeds the demands of the FORS Gold Level scheme, CLOCS and Crossrail accreditation.

The main goal of the Gold standard FORS/CLOCS CCTV Systems is to try and reduce the amount of blind spots around the vehicle and by implementing it, you will be gaining your fleet gold status which can go a long way.

This system is aimed at those operators who want to demonstrate the commitment to safety culture and who want to save costs by reducing accident related costs (insured and uninsured), and reducing the number of accidents.

There are a few core values which are capitalised on with the FORS/CLOCS Gold Level CCTV System which are to protect. Protect yourself, the public and also your vehicle. By getting your vehicle gold standard, you will be reducing the risk of accidents and thus sticking to those core values.

The system consists of a 7″ Monitor (5.6″ and 9″ are options) Reverse Camera, Side Camera, Front Camera, Digital Video Recorder (SD card or HDD Storage Medium) and an external Talking VEHICLE TURNING LEFT Alarm and Multi-Frequency Reversing Alarm.