FORS Silver System

This system package is specifically designed to meet the Driver vision and cyclist & pedestrian warning requirements of the FORS and CLOCS  Vehicle Operator Schemes, and CROSSRAIL Site Access Requirements.

This system is compliant with FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold level requirements, although most Gold Level operators will  update to 360 degree Video Recording system, this is met by our FORS GOLD System

The FORS Silver System has been updated for 2018 and is now supplied with our latest generation 7″ Monitor that support both Hi-resolution 720p and 600TVL Camera formats,  720P AHD Reverse Camera, Talking Left Turn Alarm and features our unique integrated Side Camera and Step Area Close Proximity Warning System.

When driving normally the system can be configured so that the monitor is always showing either the reverse or nearside camera,but automatically switches to show reverse or the nearside camera (with integrated Nearside Close Proximity Detection warning) when performing the specific manoeuvre. Alternatively the monitor can be normally turned off and only activated when the specific manoeuvre is being made.

Popular accessories supplied with this package is the ALA-51 Multi-Frequency Reverse Alarm and a Speed Control Module (SCM-01) that is used to disable the External “Vehicle Turning Left” Alarm, and also the Monitor if desired, above a pre-set speed.





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