Live View & Remote Access

All Vision DVR’s can be supplied with a 4G modem and/ or a Wi-Fi module to allow remote access and send automatic alerts of alarm events.

Remote access provides range of options that enable the customer to get the maximum benefit out of their system.

These start with a basic tracking and e-mail alert capability, going right through to a fully managed service that provide the customer with comprehensive reports, recovery of video and full maintenance package.

The Remote Access capabilities available include

Live vehicle tracking
Live view of vehicle cameras from individual or multiple vehicles
E-mail alert of alarm events
Automatic upload of Alarm video
Remote video retrieval
Driven Route Report
Reports on individual alarm events
Statistical Reports on Speed ,G Forces, Idle Time
GEO Fencing
Route Deviation
Out of hours vehicle usage
Live update of system status
Remote configuration changes
Remote Firmware updates

We can further offer bespoke support packages to meet practically any user requirement.  This can include packages where Vision UK  filter all alarm events and just present relevant footage to the customer.

Vision UK can offer a fully managed service where in addition to the provision of information we pro-actively monitor and maintain the systems.