On Vehicle CCTV Systems

The UK’s Leading On Vehicle CCTV Systems

Vision UK has developed a comprehensive range of on-vehicle cctv systems that can record up to 16 camera with options of SSD, HDD and SD Card storage solutions. Our range of on vehicle cctv systems are uniquely designed to protect your drivers and your entire fleet in the event of a road collision or accident.

Recording footage from the outside of your vehicle, an on vehicle cctv system could be a crucial difference in identifying potential risks and hazards in the road.

This is thanks to its unique 360 degree visibility angle which allows for each corner of the vehicle to be under constant surveillance meaning; no blind spots.

Our DVR’s boast a number of unique features and increasingly our customers are making use of the systems marketing leading live-view and remote download capability. They are able to capture valuable footage in the event of an incident to make sure that the driver and the vehicle are covered from all angles.

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