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This camera replaces one of the vehicles rear number plate lights and features the Sony CCD ICX Chip Set that ensures superb picture quality and a 20%+ better low light/ night perfomance than other CCD cameras. Fitted with a 170 degree wide angle lens optomised for reversing this discrete and easy to fit camera avoids the need to drill bodywork, making it ideal for leased and privately owned cars. Compatable with all Vision monitors, wireless systems and In-Car-Entertainment/Sat Nav systems with an AV input Features

  • Superb 1/4" Sony colour CCD ICX chip set
  • PAL Video Output (NTSC available on request
  • Discreet and easy to install - no holes to drill
  • Supplied with universal 10 metre wiring harness
  • PAL composite Video Output
  • Fully waterproof
  • Superb Low Light Performance
  • Built in LED number plate light
  • Slim-line connectors (max dia 8mm)to ease installation
  • Current draw 0.07 Amps
  • 12 volt operation
  • Operating temperature -20c - + 70c

System includes...

  • Number Plate Camera
  • Universal 10 metre wiring harness (Lead-2(SL))

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