DVR 100 Digital SD Card Video Recorder kit

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AV Lead:

Developed in response to the increasing demand from Health & Safety, Fleet Management and Insurance companies for a low cost means of recording evidence of vehicle accidents, incidents and assaults on drivers.

This tough and compact recorder is designed to be used as a stand alone accident/ incident recorder or to be integrated with any Vision Rear View System.


  • 25 fps 5 hours
  • 10 fps 13 hours
  • 5 fps 26 hours
  • 1 fps 133 hours


  • Compact size only 85mm x 80mm x 30 mm
  • Can be used with SD Memory Card upto 32 Gbytes
  • Can be configured to record Video or Individual Images
  • Records both Video and Audio
  • Recorded files Time and Date stamped (Watermarked)
  • MPEG-4 Video compression
  • 640 x 480 Picture Resolution
  • Recorded Video can be played back on any PC
  • Motion detection with configurable sensitivity
  • Video frame rate configurable between 1 to 30 fps
  • Video output for in vehicle monitor
  • Memory configurable to automatically overwrite the oldest video and store most recent events when disk is full, or to stop recording when disk is full
  • Power loss battery back up saves currrent file if power lost
  • Suitable for all 12 Volt vehicles (24 Volt adpator available)
  • Low Power consumption - draws less than 150 mAmps
  • Operating Temperature -15 to 45 degree C

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Specification for DVR-100  (To view file If using Windows 7.0 please right click the link and select the save target as..... option - otherwise Windows 7 security software will close the page)

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