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Rear View Cameras for Driving Instructors Offers Increased Safety During Driver Tuition

Posted on 12/01/2016 at 4:30 PM by in Blog

A new twist on the use of in vehicle cameras now offers increased rear view visibility to driving instructors.

These days, with so many cars on the roads you sometimes need eyes in the back of your head to make sure you are completely safe to carry out certain manoeuvres. Pulling out in traffic, overtaking and even changing lanes can be fraught with dangers, especially for a nervous or inexperienced driver.

For learner drivers, it’s hard enough watching what is going on in front of the car without even contemplating who or what might be behind you. So, today we spare a thought for those who have decided that their calling is to teach people how to drive.

For years driving instructors have had to make do with ridiculously ineffective secondary, stick on, rear view mirrors, to keep themselves and their pupils safe. However, with the development of in vehicle cameras, this no longer needs to be a source of worry for them.

Significance of Rear View Cameras

Cameras have been available in cars for sometime now and are predominantly used to record accidents in case of disputed claims, but until now they have not been used to potentially avoid accidents all together.

However, with the introduction of Vision Cam driving instructors now have a tool that offers them a better rear view than the driver of the car, potentially, revolutionising driver tuition and minimising the risks of unseen hazards from behind the vehicle.

Rear view mirrors being positioned on the front screen offer a view that is often obstructed. Predominantly, because of the size of the rear screen but often caused by rear passengers and even carelessly positioned stickers. By moving the perspective to the rear screen itself the instructor has a completely unobstructed and much wider view of what is going on behind. This means that they can now see overtaking traffic, obstructions when reversing and even potential hazards from pedestrians.

Many existing rear facing cameras need to be fitted by a specialist and have their own display, which increases the costs so they become almost prohibitive. However, by combining current app based technology with more advanced mobile devices Vision cam have come up with a simple product that is within the budget of almost everybody.

The camera fits to the screen with a simple suction cup and flexible hose and connects to your phone or tablet through a wifi hotspot, therefore leaving the Bluetooth function still usable for hands free calls.

Current mobile phones now have screens in excess of 7 inches in width, which makes them ideal as monitors. The Vision cam app also gives driving instructors the ability to record events for playback at the end of the lesson.

For more information about the new Vision Cam app and how you can purchase the new rear view cameras for driving instructors visit the site at

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