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Road Safety with FORS

Posted on 2/06/2015 at 10:40 AM by in Blog

One of the main problems and concerns for road safety that we face today is the problem of HGVs, buses and any large vehicle, especially in city centers. We need to look no further than the tragic recent events just outside of Bath where the lorry lost its brakes on a steep slope causing it to crash and several people lost their lives. In this day and age, with the technology currently being developed, this type of accident should be avoided.

On top of technological progress, there are schemes out there that aim to improve road safety. The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) does just that. If you have not heard of FORS before let us briefly explain to you what they do.


FORS is an over-arching accreditation scheme that encompasses safety, fuel efficiency, economical operations and vehicle emissions for fleets. What is of most interest here for us is that you receive a cycle safety toolkit. Here at Vision UK, we try our upmost to promote sensible driving and raise awareness for cycle safety and this fits perfectly into our mission.

The FORS toolkit includes a guidance booklet for managers, a presentation on road safety, posters which have the aim of raising awareness for drivers amongst other documents. The toolkit has been created in collaboration with Transport for London and Barclays Cycle Superhighways.

FORS also offer you online training. This will also raise awareness on the main causes of road accidents and explain what simple yet effective steps can be taken to improve safety for everyone.

Most importantly however is the driver CPC training you will receive. The one-day course has a focus on driving in big urban areas and vulnerable road users, particularly cyclists. The course is split in to a theory part and a practical part and demonstrates to drivers just how vulnerable pedestrian and cyclists can be in urban areas.

Over 4,000 companies use FORS all across the UK from every business and industry you could imagine. Such success from the scheme demonstrates how good and useful it is for all companies using a fleet of heavy duty and large vehicles. To name just a few of the companies using FORS, there is Transport for London, Veolia, City of London & John Lewis Partnership.

FORS also brings up environmental and efficiency issues. Transport for London has teamed up once again by providing an anti idling toolkit with the scheme. This specific toolkit aims to promote and bring to knowledge anti-idling practices. FORS also offers a fuel use tracker. This is an amazing tool to have, especially for large companies as you can have up to 200 vehicles tracked. This in turn can help you gain efficiency improvements for your vehicles and reduce those CO2 emissions.

So, if you are a fleet owner and own a large vehicle and have road safety at best interest and would like to know more details about FORS click here to check out their website.

Road safety awareness can sometimes however only go as far as your vehicles safety equipment. Here at Vision UK we have industry leading safety equipment that can be fitted to any type of vehicle. Our sophisticated cameras with monitors will also contribute to making roads even safer. With our wide range of products available there will be one for your needs.





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