Video Recording System for Light Commercial Vans

SKU: CLOCS-70-1-1-1

This is an example of a typical video recording system to meet the requirements of van operators.


Items Included in a typical systems:

RVM-700A Clip Over Mirror Monitor (More Info) or M-500 Dash Mount Monitor (More Info)

DVR-2040 Video Recorder (More Info)

FWC-1080D (More Info)

DN-1oVHD Rear Camera (More Info), or a Van Specific Camera (e.g. Sprinter) or our unique Home Delivery Work Light Camera

and SC-720 (More Info) or BV-360 Side Cameras (More Info)


Depending on individual requirements customers also often add additional internal or external cameras to this basic package (The DVr-2040 can take upto 4 cameras)

Typical cameras that are used to meet these requirements can be found in our Auxiliary Camera Section. 

It is also a popular choice to upgrade the DVR-2040 with remote access and tracking capability (More Info)


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