Progressive Safe Systems

The following systems comply with the requirements of the TfL Progressive Safe system that will come into effect October, 2024.

Do I need a PSS System?

If your vehicle has been certified with a 3+ Direct Vision Star rating then you do not need a PSS system.  However, TFL still recommend that you fit a PSS system onto your vehicle.

“Part of the benefit of a turn assist system is that it can detect VRUs at the side of the vehicle some distance to the rear of the cab where direct vision is impossible. A turn assist system may also be more effective than direct vision alone at drawing the attention of an inattentive driver. These benefits would be applicable even in vehicles with five-star direct vision.”

If your vehicle is type a approved with UNECE R-151 and UNECE R-159 BSIS and MOIS systems you do not need to fit an aftermarket PSS system but will still require External “Warning of Intended Manoeuvre” Alarms.

However, to meet CLOCS site requirements your vehicle may additionally require that a pedestrian detection blind spot system is fitted.  The Vision PSS systems exceed the requirements of both CLOCS and PSS schemes.


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