Progressive Safe Systems

The following systems comply with the requirements of the TfL Progressive Safe system that will come into effect 26th October, 2024.

Direct Vision Standard: Guidance for Operators

Do I need a PSS System?

If your vehicle has been supplied from factory with a 3+ Direct Vision Star rating then you will not need to fit a PSS system.
Also you do not need to fit a PSS system if your vehicles has been fitted from factory with UNECE R-151 BSIS, and UNECE R-159 MOIS, systems.
You still require “Warning of Intended Manoeuvre” Alarms and will need both BSIS and MOIS systems to be compliant.
Although R-151 and R-159 systems are usually effective at detecting moving cyclists and other road users, they do not always reliably detect pedestrians.  Therefore, for vehicles that operate on construction sites ,or any locations where there are likely to be pedestrians, the Vision PSS systems offer significant additional safety benefits.

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